World’s Most Infested Shark beaches

What makes an ideal vacation? The strong ocean waves, the cool summer breeze, and the perfect warm sand found on a beach would come to mind. But, you have to be careful. Not all beaches are as perfect as they seem.

Some may just have sharks lurking around in their waters that can turn your ideal vacation into your worst nightmare! Nobody wants to swim in shark infested waters and thankfully we have gathered a list of the beaches with high shark infestation.

The following are some of the most infested shark beaches in the world, they include;

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

This beach is also recognized as the major shark capital worldwide. The sharks in Florida are recognized to attack humans, so whenever you are surfing its Atlantic waters, be very careful. The owner of window washing Fort McMurray nearly had a run in with a pack of sharks while swimming in the crystal blue water just off the shore. Sharks commonly found in this beach include tiger sharks, spinner, and blacktip sharks.

Gansbaai, South Africa (also known as Shark Alley)

This beach is well-recognized as the great white shark capitol worldwide. These sharks are large predators known for their very sharp teeth, enormous mouths and powerful eyes, making them quite scary and entertaining.

Gansbaai is now more of a tourist spot with its great whites as its main attraction. For those that are brave and looking for adventure while on a tour to this beach, there are boats that show divers being placed underwater in a cage and utilizing a dangle to attract the great white sharks to the cages.

For those that are less adventurous, you can sit back and just observe the sharks dine on seals. This beach is not an advisable location for a swim at any time of the day or night.

Lake Nicaragua, Nicaragua

This is the biggest lake in Central America. It is not a very safe place to swim. Furthermore, this freshwater lake is highly infested with bull sharks, making it a more dangerous place. It was previously believed that these sharks were stuck in the freshwater lake, but further research later showed that these sharks actually possessed the ability to jump to the San Juan River. Even though there are not many reports of deaths caused by shark attack in this lake, just the thought of its presence in the waters will keep you away.

Reunion Island

Known to have recorded one of the highest numbers of shark attacks in the world, the Reunion Island is isolated. Since 1980, this island has recorded more than 24 confirmed shark attacks.

You are certain to have a dreadful encounter with sharks if you stay close to the coasts of this island. The kind of sharks located in the waters of the Reunion Island is the most aggressive type (tiger and bull sharks).

West End, Grand Bahamas

Home to numerous species of sharks like tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerheads and black tips. Although the area is quite recognized for its brutal shark attacks, there have been no reported or recorded deaths from these shark attacks.